Southern Maldives

Never Stop



Over 20 unique dive sites to choose from, there’s always something new to be discovered

Never Stop



Over 20 unique dive sites to choose from, there’s always something new to be discovered

Demon Point

Outside reef. Located on the NW corner of the atoll. The reef features a gentle slope to 30+ meters with steep parts in between. It has beautiful coral all over and due to the location even large pelagic can be seen in the blue. Large swells and strong currents can be present

Gulda La Magu

Outside reef. Wall dive. Located just below the NW corner of the atoll. The reef drops almost vertically from the top at 5m to 30+m. Very nice coral formations with sandy patches in between. With some current it is possible to combine this dive site with Bodu Hoholha

Bodu Hoholha

Outside reef. Wall dive. Located in the NW of the atoll. Good to dive at all depths. The top reef at 5-8m features a beautiful coral garden. From there it drops steeply to unknown depths. The wall is full of beautiful blue and pink gorgonians. There are also massive caves that are big enough to enter. Chunky green turtles and a curious school of batfish are almost always present

Kuda Hoholha

Outside reef. Located in the NW just below Bodu Hoholha below a manmade channel used by local fishermen. Steep drop off from 6 to 30+m. Nice caves and overhangs at in between 14-25m. On the wall purple gorgonians, towards the south a steep slope with nice coral gardens

Umaru’s Place

Outside reef. Located just below Kuda Hoholha. Drift dive along a wall. Long and beautiful reef which starts at 5m and drops to 30+m. Staircase like coral formations in places and large coral blocks. Look out for small creatures but always have an eye in the blue for manta rays and sailfish

Kuda Kandu Beyru

Outside reef. Located west of the Kuda Kandu channel mouth. Amazing dive site with a huge abundance of stunning hard corals. The reef slopes from the top at 6m to 20m and drops off from there to the deep. Current is usually not much of a consideration

Kuda Kandu Kan

One of our best! Channel dive site located on the corner of Kuda Kandu. Only one small patch of rubble interrupts massive coral formations of table, mushroom, brain, cone and many other corals along a steep slope to 25m. The channel itself features a sandy slope with coral blocks from 8-22m. Usually more schooling fish than anywhere else and many grey reef sharks in the channel mouth

Fihali Faru

Located inside Kuda Kandu. Can be subject to strong currents and therefore best dived on a slack or incoming current. The top reef mainly features rock formations. Along the channel bottom large coral blocks where sometimes sleeping nurse sharks can be found. Best to dive in between 15 and 25m


Located inside Kuda Kandu. Best to dive with little current since the dive site is quite small. The channel part is covered in green finger like plants and fan corals. Further south in between 2 and 10 meters and on the corner to the inside reef dense table coral formations and a lot of schooling fish

Bushy West Channel

One of our highlights! An awesome drift dives from Bushy Beyru into the Kuda Kandu channel. Or vice verca. The reef features some of the nicest and most colourful coral gardens the atoll has on offer. In the channel a steep drop to 30m. Outside a gentler slope which at about 25 meters drops off very, very deep. On the corner look for sharks and rays. Turtles and napoleons are present all over the reef

Bushy East Channel

Drift dive in or out of Maakandu channel. Possible on both incoming and outgoing current. The inside of the channel features a sandy slope from 5-25m with nice coral blocks. At the corner a steep drop and some areas of sand. Watch out for the trigger fish and mantas heading in and out of the channel

Mudakan Manta Point

It does not get better! Located in Maakandu channel. Best to be dived on incoming current (sometimes very strong!) starting on the eastern corner of the channel. Once inside, the reef features a year round manta point in between 19-25m. Of course not guaranteed but up to 30 animals have been seen here. With strong currents hold on to something (or use a reef hook) and stay clear of the block. Don’t touch or chase mantas. They will come close to you. Very close! If the mantas are not there you will have the pleasure of enjoying the company of many napoleons of all sizes

Maakandu Channel

A must! A proper channel dive for current junkies and shark lovers! The dive starts either on the main reef and then takes you into the channel or with a good incoming current it’s a blue water drop straight down to the outer reef edge at about 30m where you’ll find most of the action. As with most channels, this is where the ‘big stuff’ likes to hang out. Groups of up to 30+ grey reef sharks can be seen, tunas, napoleons, eagle rays and maybe even a hammerhead, bull or tiger shark

Maakandu Beyru

Outside reef. Located in the NW of Maakandu channel mouth. Easy drift dive. Usually not affected by strong currents. Top reef starts at 5-8m and slopes gradually to 30+m. On the wall and in the corner gorgeous coral gardens. Have an eye in the blue for rays and sharks passing by

Our House Reef

Outside reef. We are the only ones who dive this site which results in a lot of (animal) action Located in the NE. Another interesting drift dive site. Often strong currents and great visibility. The top reef is at around 5-8m; gradually slopes down to 30m and far beyond. Good coral coverage from top to bottom. Check underneath the large coral blocks for nurse sharks and have an eye in the blue for large pelagic

Meedhoo Beyre

A favorite of many! Located in the NE corner of the atoll. Dramatic reef which is best dived deep with a good chance for seeing large pelagic and oceanic manta rays in April. Large overhangs on both sides of the corner in between 15 and 30m. A huge gorgonian forest on a deep plateau with many sleeping white tips in between. Locals call it shark hotel

Hulhudhoo Beyru

Outside reef. Located in the East of the atoll. Nice drift dive along a wall ranging from 6-35m. On the sandy bottom often whitetip reef sharks and stingrays. In between the hard corals sometimes nurse sharks. Top reef not very interesting because it was affected by coral bleaching. The deep is a lot nicer with a variety of corals

Mulikede Beyre

Outside reef. Located in the SE of the atoll. Formerly known as manta point (for a reason) but Mudakan took over that claim. The reef features a lovely top reef between 7-12m with beautiful table corals and an abundance of marine life. A nice vertical wall from 10 to 28 meters with lots of overhangs, covered by soft corals and gorgonians. The historical values of this dive site are the left overs of anti-submarine nets across the channel during World War II

Banana Reef

Located inside Villingili channel in the south of the atoll. This is a perfect nice-n-easy dive site not too far away and is suitable for every level of diver. It’s not a large dive site and the best part is located on the NE side. A sandy slope takes you to a healthy coral garden that drops down to about 27m. Due to its size the best way to dive it is in a zig-zag fashion starting deep

British loyalty

Inside atoll in front of Hithadhoo. The wreck of the British Loyalty is about 135m long and lies on its starboard in about 12-33m of water. The Loyalty was torpedoed twice during WWII which is still obvious. There’s two big holes: one on the deck side and one in the keel where you can see straight through. At the stern we find the propeller at about 28m and three of the four, two-meter-long blades can still be seen

Kahanbu faru

Outside reef. Located in the SW. Was affected by the airport expansion and is currently in recovery. Used to be full of turtles


Inside atoll in front of Maradhoo. Was affected by the airport expansion and is currently in recovery. Used to be full of turtles

Koattey Beyre

Outside reef. Located in the NW corner of the atoll. The top reef was damages by coral bleaching. The deep is still in its old beauty and is known as a big fish dive site. Tiger sharks frequently spotted. Can be tricky on strong currents


Weather you are in to wreck diving, cave diving or just want to drift along large overhangs filled with stunningly peculiar forms of life, we got you covered.

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